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B S Group always maintains high ethical and international quality standards.Now we are marketing our products under All Grade Transformer Oil with Centrifuge & Service LubricantsBitumen & All kinds of Petrolium Products. Importer of Lift, Generator, Solar & Sub-Station Sales & Service. We also provide Aquaculture Products, Fish Medicine, Solar Light & Solar Pump, Geo-Textile Products, Outboard Engine, High quality Security System ( CCTV ).

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Role of lubricants:
• Reduce mechanical energy losses.
• Reduce wear on parts that rub together.
• Protect parts against corrosion.
• Lower the operating temperatures of machines.
• Increase water tightness.
• Do away with the need to remove impurity and dirt deposits.
You're about to change your oil, and you're wondering which of the lubricants available on the market you should choose. It's really a choice that depends on your vehicle. The right lubricant will meet international standards (ACEA, API, ILSAC, JASO), as well as the specifications of each manufacturer You should also choose a lubricant whose viscosity matches your vehicle's needs. Viscosity is a measure of resistance to free flow, and is listed in two grades: a cold grade and a hot grade. There are also Fuel Economy lubricants from the Arabol xtreme product line that help significantly lower your fuel consumption.
a) Arabol lubricants are global brand.
b) It is nano technology engine oil.
c) This product is very reasonable price.
d) This product is made has group 3 and 4 base oil.
e) High viscosity And Gives long time mileage.
Most people overlook checking engine oil. It’s easy to do, but can cause major damage requiring thousands of dollars of repairs. You need to check motor oil before any long trip to avoid major damage. In case of use for work, we recommend that you check your oil level daily.
We recommend that you check the oil level in the morning when the engine is cold and most of the oil has run down into the engine’s oil pan. The oil pan forms the bottom of your engine and is the reservoir for the engine oil. You will need a clean cloth or paper towels, a can of oil and a funnel. We also recommend wearing disposable gloves. Use only the recommended oil for your engine.(like 10W30,10W40,20W50).
A brake fluid change should be done regularly. Brake fluid absorbs water from the air. That’s why the boiling point decreases over its lifetime. The result is poor to no braking at all. You should change your brake fluid regularly to keep your brake system working efficiently.
Brake fluid and How to fill brake fluid. Before adding brake fluid, you should be aware that this is not usually necessary. There is no brake fluid consumption. Note that worn brake linings or a leak from the hydraulic system How to add brake fluid. Check the brake fluid level to ensure it is between the MIN and MAX marks on the reservoir. If the brake fluid level is under the MIN mark, see a qualified mechanic. How to put in could be the reason for low brake fluid. Do not add brake fluid if the brake fluid reservoir is empty or if your brake pedal goes right to the floor. The brake system may have a leak. Don’t use your car until the problem has been repaired by a qualified mechanic.
Coolant is a liquid stored in your car’s radiator. It has two main functions: helping to prevent engine overheating and corrosion and lubricating the parts it is in contact with, like the water pump. What’s the difference between antifreeze and coolant?
Coolant vs antifreeze: A coolant should be always antifreeze. These fluids keep liquids from freezing at low temperatures and boiling at temperatures over 100° Celsius, which are common in city traffic in the summer. Only the correct mix ratio between antifreeze and water provides the required protection for your cooling system.
There are two main groups of antifreeze, mono ethylene glycol-based and mono propylene glycol-based. We recommend you to refer to the owner’s manual to find out which type your engine needs and the correct antifreeze ratio (antifreeze has to be mixed with water). Each antifreeze contains special additives to prevent corrosion of the metal surfaces in the cooling system. Do not mix different antifreezes, which will adversely impact additive performance.
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