Dhaka aerator BD

Dhaka aerator BD was established in 2016 to provide customer satisfaction quality. We are providing by all kind of fish catching products and all type of Aerator. We are importing very high quality Aerator from different countries such as China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Russian and India.
Our product:
1. Paddle wheel aerator
2. Weaving surge
3. Impeller
4. Jet aerator
5. Pond surge
6. Double speed
7. Roots blower
8. floating pump
9. Feeder box
10. Turbine aerator
11. Solar aerator
12. Spiral aerator
13. Diesel Paddle wheel aerator
14. Fish hunter accessories
15. oxygen tablet
16. potassium permanganate
Aeration systems promote oxygen which is the lifeline to every ecosystem. With the use of a pond aerator, or small pond 
 aeration system, water is circulated to increase dissolved oxygen levels. Water garden and fish pond aerators can also be used in the  winter months to keep a hole open in the ice.
The oxygen air conditioning system in pond increase fish production ten times more than usual.





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